Sales Rep

Tim Bosworth

Tim offers a wealth of experience and knowledge to his clients, as well as an undeniable fortitude and self-assuredness. He is a proven top negotiator and closer who is always ready to provide his clients with dedication, commitment and a knowledgeable and personable approach, which he accredits to his success in the Toronto Real Estate profession. Whether you are selling, buying a residence or purchasing for investment, Tim will provide you with the tools you need to get the best results every time and bring to the table strong negotiating skills and sound financial advice, as his track record proves.


I run a restructuring group that works with leverage lenders and hedge funds in the US and their under-performing loans. I needed to rent an apartment for my son relocating to Toronto.

With limited notice Tim jumped on it and within 3-4 hours yesterday narrowed down our selection and executed a rental agreement to our satisfaction.

Great attitude. Very personable. Motivated. Caring. Attributes I find special in today's environment. Thanks!


Tim has assisted me over the years to build a very lucrative property portfolio. A former Toronto resident , now residing in Vancouver his advice is paramount to me.

Tim operates with the highest degree of professionalism, dedication and attention to details. Tim will listen to you , offer his advice and guidance and is insistent upon gaining your complete comprehension of 'the bigger picture.

I have felt so confident on his advice and the level of market analysis he provides me with that I have even bought sight unseen on two occasions with incredible success.

I am safe in the knowledge that I am in the very best hands, looking at the best properties and the receiving the best advice.

I cannot recommend Tim more highly.

Farid Varizi