Sales Representative

Roman Monaenkov

Early on in his career Roman realized that a majority of the population does not have a defined retirement plan. Unless you’re in the government sector or are in the 1% - ultra high net worth individuals - the general public is highly exposed to the risk of not being able to maintain a desirable lifestyle after stopping working due to an old age. In addition, many people aside from having to plan for their retirement need to provide their kids with a competent education, which could be very expensive.

This realization along with Roman’s natural calling for helping people and giving back, allowed him to define his niche in the business. Roman understands how important it is to help people plan for the future. Therefore, his mission became to guide his clients in building long-term wealth through real estate ownership.

Roman Monaenkov believes in real estate ownership. Real estate is unique. It is finite, and it is the only asset class that one can rent to a third party, who would help an owner to pay off their mortgage over time. Roman is very excited to work and to serve people in Toronto - an economic capital of Canada. He believes that success leaves clues and he enjoys learning from successful people. His real estate investments coach, Ottawa Senators NHL team’s founder professor Bruce Firestone has taught him that you can’t save your way into wealth, you can only invest your way there. Real estate is a long-term game and there is no getting rich overnight. Roman likes to share with his clients Warren Buffet’s method:

  • Buy well

  • Manage well (take care of your assets)

  • Add value (animate, improve)

  • Don't sell (long term mindset, tax exposure)

  • Hold (compound interest effect)

  • Refinance (borrow money from yourself tax free)

  • Do it again (grow wealth)


I worked with Roman Monaenkov to sell my condo. It was a very stressful time for me due to personal issues that required me to sell prematurely and during Covid. Roman was very patient with me and allowed me to drive the process in a way that made me comfortable. I’m continuing to work with Roman because he works really hard. He’s finding innovative ways to find me my forever home including going door to door during this remarkable real estate market. I’m hopeful we will get there. Thank you Roman for continuing to work with me and my very challenging tastes and needs.

Suzana Ristich

When buying a house, Roman Monaenkov, our realtor, was extremely patient and guided us in the best manner possible. His professionalism was amazing and great. We owe him a lot. Thank you Roman for helping us find our forever home!

Priyanka Ojha

5 stars for Roman Monaenkov. My first time both looking to rent a place as well as working with a realtor, he patiently walked me through the process answering any questions along the way. Great on a personal and professional level.

Jason Mercado

We worked with Roman Monaenkov and he was very professional and gave us good advice and always had our best interests at heart. Would highly recommend!

Tom Zhao

My husband and I worked with Roman Monaenkov in our search for a home in Toronto. Being unfamiliar with Toronto real estate scene, Roman was extremely helpful, courteous, timely, and looked out for our best interests. I would highly recommend Roman, and if his colleagues at Brad J. Lamb Realty are as good as he is, then it would be a great group to work with :)

Crystal Zhou

Friendly and helpful staff. This market is a pain, but Roman was a gem helping navigate through it.

Jeremy Hammond

We worked with Roman Monaenkov. He was extremely helpful, accommodating, professional, quick and responsive. He helped us find a place in a very short period of time. He was quick to prioritize and show us places that were closer to our needs. We would definitely recommend him to our friends in future! Great experience! :)

Bhargav Ayyagari

We worked with Roman Monaenkov twice, last year for our rental condo and this year when we bought our house. He is very professional, goes above and beyond to help find a place that meets your needs. Would definitely recommend him to my friends!

Pallavi Sinha

My experience specifically was with Roman Monaenkov. He was so professional from the start and walked me through the process of renting my first condo in the downtown core. Roman not only showed us a variety of properties when we came (travelled 4 hours) but also provided insight on picking the best one. Roman is highly skilled at what he does and I would recommend him highly for all your buying/rental needs.

Montana Donaldson

I just want to thank Roman for all the hard work, persistence and professionalism during the selling of our Ruden Crescent home. As we all know, there were some unexpected twists and turns during this period; however, Roman performed exceptionally well during some difficult moments in this process. Kudos to you and your partner Michael Eisner. I respect and commend your honesty and sincere manner in all the happenings and events related to this sale. Most importantly, I believe your experience and excellent judgment steered the process to a successful conclusion. If the need arises in the future, I would be more than happy to consider your services.

Michael Henrickson, Toronto

Thank You! I would like to thank Roman Monaenkov for the job well done in selling my condo in Toronto. Your professionalism allowed us to achieve the task within the short time. Right tactics: pricing of the unit, working with a buyer, open houses, analysis of the market allowed me to sell my unit at the good price and within the right time. You helped me to avoid any stressful events. Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to the further cooperation with you in the future.

Elena Popovych, Toronto

I would like to thank you for the great job you did at assisting me in buying my first home. Your knowledge and professionalism during the initial stage of looking at different properties proved invaluable in making the right choice and closing the deal. The insight you provided during this process answered all my questions and made the final decision easier for me to make. I look forward to working with you again, as you provide guidance and an excellent service as a professional realtor.

Edmond Tasellari, Toronto

I want to express our sincerest thank you to Roman Monaenkov for helping us find our perfect home. In only a couple days of working with him, he was able to fully understand our housing needs, negotiate with the seller and assist us to secure our house. Roman's kind and thoughtful personality have made it such a pleasure to be a client of Brad Lamb. We will definitely be back in touch when we are ready for our next housing adventure!

Renee Linklater, Toronto

I had a wonderful experience with Brad J Lamb Realty. My real estate agent was Roman Monaenkov and he helped my fiance and I find our first condo apartment downtown! He was incredibly helpful and was able to understand our situation and what we wanted very quickly. I had the opportunity to look at many different condos with him before deciding on our favourite one. Roman made the process really simple for us and handled the application work on our behalf. It was great to have someone representing you and vouching for you as tenants. We are very happy with our new place. I would recommend Roman and the brokerage to anyone looking for a condo downtown.

Gianna Marks

5 stars for Roman Monaenkov! I was having trouble finding a 1 bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto and Roman came to the rescue. He's a brilliant man who goes out of his way to help you and makes sure you get the best service. He makes sure everything is done in order and is very organized. I would recommend Roman at Brad J. Lamb Realty to anyone looking to rent a condo.

Masud Ali

I have had the pleasure to work with Roman Monaenkov on two occasions to find a rental property. Roman was very knowledgeable, made the whole process very easy, and went out of his way to show listings to accommodate my schedule. The next time I move I will definitely reach out to him again.

Tomas Urlich

I had the pleasure of Roman Monaenkov's great service. From looking and purchasing a new condo in the City of Toronto in 2015, now it's 2019 and he's kept in touch between that time and giving updates on the building progress. He was there on pre-inspection, lawyer appointments, and renting the place. We got a rental offer in 10 days. Roman screened and checked the credentials of the applicant. And he was there until the day that tenant moved in. Thanks, Roman Monaenkov for your great service!

Jezreel Umali

I worked with Roman Monaenkov and he made the process of getting me an apartment extremely simple; he found me the perfect apartment getting everything I asked for as well as the perfect price in just over a week. Roman was enjoyable to do tours with, he gave his honest opinion on places and did not make you feel pressured into getting any apartment. He always responded quickly over text and email with any questions I had. I highly recommend Roman to anyone looking for a place to live.

Shane Hickey

Great experience. Roman was of great help finding an apartment. Quick to answer the multiple questions we had for him, we felt like he really cared for our needs. Once we finally found the place we wanted, he offered to deliver some documents for us to save us the trip out of downtown Toronto. Highly recommend!