Ankit Dheendsa

Having studied computer science and growing up in a household full of realtors, Ankit has been exposed to the real estate industry his entire life. Along with his athletic background in basketball, Ankit has learned the fundamental skills of diligence and hard work that when paired with his technical skills and knowledge of real estate, allow him to provide the best possible service for his client.

With 10 years of experience, Ankit understands what clients need most in their real estate endeavours, whether it be your first lease or your 100th purchase Ankit has the skills and knowledge to accurately guide you in today’s fast-paced market.

'On the basketball court, I’ll do whatever is necessary for my team to win. In the office, I’ll do everything I can to ensure my clients get what they want.'


Ankit Dheendsa is a very likeable professional in the real estate industry. He helped me find my dream property quickly and effectively while showing me the utmost care throughout the process. Ankit is your go-to guy!