Sales Representative

Brandon Merenick

Brandon has been surrounded by diversity his entire life. A son of a musician and pastor father and a music teacher mother, his love of music and people has led Brandon around the world in his colourful career—from Bands to Banks to Teaching and now Real Estate.

Brandon has been through the experience of buying his first property years ago and buying and managing investment properties since.

Because of Brandon’s extensive experience with diversity in both work and social arenas, he’s good under pressure, unfazed by change, and confident with whomever he speaks. Brandon is genuine, honest, and easy to talk to. From one conversation, he will know what it is you want and how he can help you get it.

Not only does Brandon work in Toronto as a Realtor, he genuinely loves the city! He lives in a condo downtown and knows the local gems. You’ll often see him grabbing a coffee at a café before his next meeting—Brandon drums to the beat of the city.